Tavern Stockroom Bundle | Crates | Barrels | RPG Scatter Terrain | 3D printed | 28mm

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Tabletop RPG | Warhammer | Tabletop Gaming | Dungeons and Dragons| Pathfinder | Frostgrave Perfect for adding additional details to your games. Works for both 28mm and 32mm scales. These Items are FDM printed in PLA. All prints are provided unpainted. This bundle includes a little of everything for a great price. Contains: 2 Large Crates 3 Normal Crates 5 small crates 2 Open Barrels 4 Closed Barrels 3 Wooden Crates 8 small kegs 1 set of racks for stacking barrels _______________________ Miniature and dice are not included. Miniature and dice are used as a reference to show scale.